Sending SMS using python script

guptha at
Thu Apr 2 06:41:09 CEST 2009

hi group,
my application needs to send SMS occasionally to all the clients  .Is
there any library in python that supports in sending SMS.
I like to conform few information i gathered in this regard.

I can send SMS by two ways

1. Sending SMS using Email clients
2. Using sms gateway to send message(we can implement SMS Gateway API
's ,provided by vendor and ,send SMS -- we will be charged
accordingly )

In case of First approach
1. We can make use of libgamil library to send SMS using gmail ( I
ref : )
i suppose sending sms through gmail is not supported in India
 2. Can we use Skype4py library,

In case of second approach
1. Is there any way to send SMS for free inside India ,or ,Any free
SMS gateway providers in India
Any information regarding this is appreciable

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