Python Goes Mercurial

Paul Boddie paul at
Thu Apr 2 14:12:16 CEST 2009

On 2 Apr, 04:27, Lawrence D'Oliveiro <l... at geek-
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> In message <7a1dd0d8-1978-470b-
> a80d-57478d7f7... at>, Paul Boddie wrote:
> > And I've heard stories of "bait and
> > switch" with Git: "you can do XYZ with Git but not with ..." followed
> > by the discovery that you can't realistically do XYZ with Git, either.
> Cite?

Well, I "heard" stories rather than read them, so I can't cite them,
but I believe that one argument crafted to favour Git was that it is
great for history editing, but it turns out that it isn't so great, as
the following commentary points out:

"You can do it, but as soon as you go to merge with another repo that
had the unedited commit history, you’ll bump into weirdness (and
probably invalidate your whole reason for rebasing, which was to clean
up the history)."


I'm sure other people have their own tales of a similar nature.


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