openNetcam open source project recruiting developers

bobicanprogram icanbob at
Thu Apr 2 19:26:54 CEST 2009

A new open source project has been started with the aim of building an
open Linux framework for TCP/IP enabled video camera systems.

The framework will be layered on the ultra lightweight SIMPL toolkit
( and when the framework is complete
it will be a kind webservices lite taylored to camera systems.

The target webserver is the lighttpd.     There will be opportunities
for openNetcam developers to create a mod-simpl plugin for that

Most of the systems will be deployed in an embedded Linux
appliance.      This will restrict the choice of programming languages
for the target code somewhat.     SIMPL supports C, C++, Python,  Tcl/
Tk and JAVA.   Of those C and C++ are probably the most embedded

However,  there will be lots of other aspects of the this project
where Python could play a significant role.  eg.  test stubs.

If this sort of project interests you (or if you know of anyone who
might be interested) please don't hesitate to contact me offlist.


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