Python, the Win32api, and directing input to game clients

darkstorme darkstorme.ouroboros at
Fri Apr 3 00:49:05 CEST 2009

I'm trying to use python to create a sort of control bridge between
IRC and the Neverwinter Nights game client.  One direction (output) is
easy; the game, conveniently, writes its logs to a text file - polling
and parsing do the rest in that regard.

However, input, as yet, eludes me.  I've fooled around with the
windows api, but both SendKeys and SendMessage fail to register on the
game window.  When testing in Notepad, the text and other keypresses
appear as planned.  They do not, however, in Neverwinter.  It's been
suggested on some sites I've come across that Win32API calls might not
work on games because the games are coded "closer to the metal", as it
were, and don't fall under the abstraction of the Win32 shell.

Basically, a) can anyone give me a pointer in a direction I should be
heading, and/or b) is the Win32api a dead end for this goal?

Many thanks in advance.

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