Sending SMS using python script

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Fri Apr 3 07:50:15 CEST 2009

On 2 Apr, 06:41, guptha <gjango... at> wrote:
> hi group,
> my application needs to sendSMSoccasionally to all the clients  .Is
> there any library in python that supports in sendingSMS.
> I like to conform few information i gathered in this regard.
> I can sendSMSby two ways
> 1. SendingSMSusing Email clients
> 2. Usingsmsgateway to send message(we can implementSMSGateway API
> 's ,provided by vendor and ,sendSMS-- we will be charged
> accordingly )
> In case of First approach
> 1. We can make use of libgamil library to sendSMSusing gmail ( I
> ref :
> i suppose sendingsmsthrough gmail is not supported in India
>  2. Can we use Skype4py library,
> In case of second approach
> 1. Is there any way to sendSMSfor free inside India ,or ,Any freeSMSgateway providers in India
> Any information regarding this is appreciable
>   Thanks

A friend from India sent me this hint:

the following link can be explored further for sending SMS on pyS60
(python for symbian OS)


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