Module caching

Aaron Scott aaron.hildebrandt at
Sat Apr 4 00:25:52 CEST 2009

Okay, I'm at my wit's end. I have a Python app, running via
mod_python. There are variables in this app that, when changed, save
their changes to a pickled file tied to a session ID. Then, when the
page is accessed again, the variables are loaded from the respective

But, when one user uses the page and a number of variables are
changed, these changes persist, even if I try to load the saved values
over them. So, if my Python file has a value of "5", the "custom
values" file has a value of "10", but a user does something that
changes the variable to "20", the next user who accesses the page with
see the value as "20", even if their "custom values" file tries to set
it differently.

If anyone has experience with mod_python, either drop me a message
here or e-mail me at aaron(at) I'd really appreciate some
help with this.

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