Module caching

Aaron Scott aaron.hildebrandt at
Sat Apr 4 00:44:53 CEST 2009

Huzzah, another post.

I just discovered that even physically deleting the variable doesn't

The module has the class InitGame, which contains
"daemons = {}".

A user runs the code, resulting in some values in "daemons":
"{'berry2': , 'berry3': , 'berry1': }". These are pickled.

The next user runs the code. I put this in to make sure "daemons" is
getting reset:

	req.write(str( =

Okay, that should wipe out any of the values and leave us with a clean
slate, right?

	{'berry2': , 'berry3': , 'berry1': }failed{'berry2': , 'berry3': ,
'berry1': }

Oh, you'd be so lucky.

Why? WHY? Why does these values persist? They persist if I change
them, they persist if I delete them.

Help... please :(

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