Creating a session in windows to auth to remote machines

ericwoodworth at ericwoodworth at
Sun Apr 5 00:39:42 CEST 2009

     I'm trying to auth to remote machines so I can plunder WMI to get
logs and settings and the like.  My script works for most of my
machines because they're all in the same domain and I run the script
as somebody who has enough access to get at this stuff but for
machines off the domain I'm stuck.

     Now I'm primarily a sys/network admin and not a programmer.  As a
sys admin if I had this problem while trying to pull eventlogs
manually with eventvwr I would simply map a drive to the remote
machine.  That would allow me to enter a username/password and then
once I was authed I'd have a session and I'd be able to piggyback on
that session to pull logs.

     I'm looking to do exactly that from inside my script.  I could
probably import os and call the net use command to map a drive and get
a session that way but that feels really sloppy to me.  I want to be
able to explicitly close this session when I'm done with it too.

     So I figure there's a com object I could call to open this
session for me but I can't figure out what it is.  Any help would be


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