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Rahul nospam at nospam.invalid
Sun Apr 5 01:08:55 CEST 2009

Robert Kern <robert.kern at gmail.com> wrote in
news:mailman.3312.1238885852.11746.python-list at python.org: 

> What system are you on? Some Linux distributions put it into a
> separate package, like python-profile. The python.org Windows and Mac
> binaries should have it, though. 

THanks Robert. I'm on RHEL. 

Tried yum search python-profile. No hits. Also tried a locate on 
cProfile. No hits again.

Did a yum search python. Huge list but nothing promising. Yet, I 
reproduce it below just in case its hidden somewhere in the list. What 
options do I have now? 

python-sqlite2.i386 : DB-API 2.0 interface for SQLite 3.x
tix.i386 : A set of extension widgets for Tk
tix-devel.i386 : Tk Interface eXtension development files
tix-doc.i386 : Tk Interface eXtension documentation
vim-enhanced.i386 : A version of the VIM editor which includes recent
                  : enhancements.
Django.noarch : A high-level Python Web framework
Django-doc.noarch : Documentation for Django
MySQL-python.i386 : An interface to MySQL
OpenIPMI-python.i386 : OpenIPMI Python language bindings
PyQt.i386 : Python bindings for Qt
PyQt-examples.i386 : Examples for PyQt
PyXML.i386 : XML libraries for python.
PyYAML.noarch : YAML parser and emitter for Python
Pyrex.noarch : A compiler/language for writing Python extension modules.
PythonCard.noarch : PythonCard GUI construction toolkit
R2spec.noarch : Python script to generate R spec file
SOAPpy.noarch : Full-featured SOAP library for Python
TurboGears.noarch : Back-to-front web development in Python
ant-scripts.i386 : Additional scripts for ant
archivemail.noarch : A tool for archiving and compressing old email in 
audit-libs-python.i386 : Python bindings for libaudit
babel.noarch : Tools for internationalizing Python applications
beecrypt-python.i386 : Files needed for python applications using 
booty.noarch : simple python bootloader config lib
bsf.i386 : Bean Scripting Framework
cobbler.noarch : Boot server configurator
ctopy.noarch : C to Python translator
cvs2svn.noarch : CVS to Subversion Repository Converter
db4.i386 : The Berkeley DB database library (version 4) for C.
dbus-python.i386 : D-Bus Python Bindings
ddd.i386 : GUI for several command-line debuggers
deluge.i386 : Graphical BitTorrent client with support for DHT, UPnP, and 
denyhosts.noarch : A script to help thwart ssh server attacks
epydoc.noarch : Edward Loper's Python API documentation generation tool
exaile.i386 : A music player
flumotion.i386 : Flumotion - the Fluendo Streaming Server
fuzzyclock.noarch : Generates fuzzy clock output
gamin-python.i386 : Python bindings for the gamin library
gdal.i386 : Geospatial Data Abstraction Library
gdal-python.i386 : Python modules for the GDAL file format library
getmail.noarch : POP3 mail retriever with reliable Maildir delivery
glade2.i386 : A GTK+ GUI builder.
gnome-menus.i386 : A menu system for the GNOME project
gnome-python2.i386 : The sources for the PyGNOME Python extension module
gnome-python2-applet.i386 : Python bindings for GNOME Panel applets.
gnome-python2-bonobo.i386 : Python bindings for interacting with bonobo.
gnome-python2-canvas.i386 : Python bindings for the GNOME Canvas.
gnome-python2-desktop.i386 : The sources for additional PyGNOME Python 
                           : modules for the GNOME desktop
gnome-python2-extras.i386 : The sources for additional. PyGNOME Python 
                          : modules.
gnome-python2-gconf.i386 : Python bindings for interacting with GConf
gnome-python2-gnomedesktop.i386 : Python bindings for interacting with 
                                : desktop
gnome-python2-gnomekeyring.i386 : Python bindings for interacting with 
                                : keyring
gnome-python2-gnomeprint.i386 : Python bindings for interacting with
                              : libgnomeprint
gnome-python2-gnomevfs.i386 : Python bindings for interacting with gnome-
gnome-python2-gtkhtml2.i386 : Python bindings for interacting with 

python-twisted-names.i386 : A Twisted DNS implementation
python-twisted-web.i386 : Twisted web server, programmable in Python
python-twisted-web2.i386 : Twisted web server, programmable in Python
python-twisted-words.i386 : Twisted Words contains Instant Messaging 
python-twitter.noarch : A python wrapper around the Twitter API
python-tz.noarch : World Timezone Definitions for Python
python-urlgrabber.noarch : High-level cross-protocol url-grabber
python-urljr.noarch : Common interface to urllib2 and curl for making 
HTTP requests
python-urwid.noarch : Console UI Library for Python
python-urwid.i386 : Console UI Library for Python
python-utmp.i386 : Python module for working with utmp
python-vcpx.noarch : Version Control Patch eXchanger
python-virtinst.noarch : Python modules for starting Xen guest 
python-vorbis.i386 : Python bindings for libvorbis
python-webob.noarch : WSGI request and response object
python-which.noarch : Small which replacement that can be used as a 
Python module
python-wifi.noarch : Python binding for the wireless (wifi) extensions
python-xattr.i386 : Extended attributes for python
python-xdg.noarch : Python library to access freedesktop.org standards
python-xlib.i386 : Complete X11R6 client-side implementation
python-xlrd.noarch : Library to extract data from Microsoft Excel (tm) 
spreadsheet files
python-yadis.noarch : Relying party support for the Yadis service 
discovery protocol
python-yaml.noarch : Python package implementing YAML parser and emitter
python-yenc.i386 : yEnc Module for Python
python-zope-interface.i386 : Zope 3 Interface Infrastructure
pytone.i386 : Music Jukebox with a Curses Based GUI
pytraffic.i386 : Rush Hour game
pytz.noarch : World Timezone Definitions for Python
pywebdav.noarch : WebDAV library
pyxattr.i386 : Extended attributes library wrapper for Python
pyxdg.noarch : Python library to access freedesktop.org standards
pyxf86config.i386 : Python wrappers for libxf86config
pyzor.noarch : Pyzor collaborative spam filtering system
rdiff-backup.i386 : Convenient and transparent local/remote incremental 
rhnlib.noarch : Python libraries for the RHN project
rhpl.i386 : Library of python code used by programs in Red Hat Linux
rhpxl.i386 : Python library for configuring and running X.
rpm-python.i386 : Python bindings for apps which will manipulate RPM 
rrdtool-python.i386 : Python RRDtool bindings
sagator.noarch : SAGATOR - antivir/antispam gateway for smtp server
scapy.noarch : Interactive packet manipulation tool and network scanner
scipy.i386 : Scipy: Scientific Tools for Python
scons.noarch : An Open Source software construction tool
sip.i386 : SIP - Python/C++ Bindings Generator
sip-devel.i386 : Files needed to generate Python bindings for any C++ 
class library
solarwolf.noarch : Python SDL game where you have to collect energy cubes
spacepong.noarch : An innovative Python SDL game that is controlled with 
the mouse
stgit.noarch : StGIT provides similar functionality to Quilt on top of 
sulk.i386 : Sulk, the hackable Space Hulk
supybot.noarch : Cross-platform IRC bot written in Python
swig.i386 : Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator
sympy.noarch : A Python library for symbolic mathematics
system-config-bind.noarch : The Red Hat BIND DNS Configuration Tool.
tkinter.i386 : A graphical user interface for the Python scripting 
trytond.noarch : Server for the Tryton application framework
txt2tags.noarch : Converts text files to HTML, XHTML, sgml, LaTeX, man...
wxPython.i386 : GUI toolkit for the Python programming language
wxPython-devel.i386 : Development files for wxPython add-on modules
yum-protect-packages.noarch : Yum plugin to prevents Yum from removing 
itself and other protected packages
zope.i386 : Web application server for flexible content management 


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