Need advise about an application

azrael jura.grozni at
Sun Apr 5 14:31:15 CEST 2009

I am currently working on an application and I need a advise.

I am supposed to read data from a device connected to a serial port. I
am reading data using pySerial. The devise is sending signals with a
time between two signals of one second.

The application is supposed  to collect the data and put it into a
sqlite DB. wxPython GUI.
I am worried about this asspect that I have two solutions how to do it
but as I never tried it I wanted to ask for advise which one should be

solution 1):
The GUI is set into a separate thread then the part of collecting and
saving data. Well one thread for getting signals and saving data and
the other for GUI and data presentation

solution 2):
create an event which is binded to pySerial read methon. Well when the
devise sends a signal the event function is triggered.

Or maybe combine the two?

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