Python Goes Mercurial

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As someone who has to use ClearCase UCM at work (damned politics!) I can
tell you that I very much prefer creating a separate view (directory)
for each branch as I used to do in Base ClearCase.
All too often you end up having to deliver multiple activities together
because someone else made a change that touched files that you have
modified in separate activities, and because you can't deliver without
rebasing you end up forced to deliver both changes together (because the
rebase creates a dependency between the files).
Now, I don't know if git has a similar problem, but it makes me wary of
any VCS which purports to work with multiple branches, etc in a single
Tim Delaney


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The one thing that makes me want to use git more than any other dvcs is
that you don't have to create a new directory for branches. This may be
possible in other dvcs's , but git is the only one I've seen advertise
the capability.

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