Randomized Incremental Decision Tree

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Mon Apr 6 19:00:08 CEST 2009


How to model this problem as a python code:

Starting with a general condition A, we enter a statement 'p' , if p
satisfy A which is always the case, then split A to three sub-conditions A1,A2,A3. And we enter
again a statement p1: if p1 satisfy A:

                         if p1 satisfy A1: split A1 to A1_1,A1_2,A1_3

                         if p1 satisfy A2: split A2 to A2_1,A2_2,A2_3

                         if p1 satisfy A3: split A3 to A3_1,A3_2,A3_3

we enter a third statement p2 and test from A-->A_i-->Ai_j and
split the corresponding satisfied condition and so one.... Since we add incrementally
the statement, the condition will be generated according to the truth
of the statement.


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