Scraping a web page

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You could do something like below to get the rendered page.

Import os
site = ''
X = os.popen('lynx --dump %s' % site).readlines()

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> f = urllib.urlopen("")
> s =
> It is working, but it's returning the source of the page. Is there anyway
> can get almost a screen capture of the page?

This is the job of a browser -- to render the source HTML.  As 
such, you'd want to look into any of the browser-automation 
libraries to hook into IE, FireFox, Opera, or maybe using the 
WebKit/KHTML control.  You may then be able to direct it to 
render the HTML into a canvas you can then treat as an image.

Another alternative might be provided by some web-services that 
will render a page as HTML with various browsers and then send 
you the result.  However, these are usually either (1) 
asynchronous or (2) paid services (or both).


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