SoHo Book Problem

David C. Ullrich dullrich at
Wed Apr 8 16:43:03 CEST 2009

Never mind (at least tentatively).

Later in the day I got an email from the publisher,
saying they're going to send me a corrected copy

Evidently if you get a bad copy you don't have to complain
to the publisher or the retailer, you just have to post
a complaint somewhere where Google can see it...


In article <dullrich-5EA218.10405607042009 at>,
 "David C. Ullrich" <dullrich at> wrote:

> Just curious - has anyone else bought the printed
> Python 3 Reference Manual published by SoHo Books?
> Talking about what they call "Part 2" of their Python
> Documentation. I haven't looked in detail - Part 1
> seems fine, but the typesetting in Part 2 is totally
> screwed up.
> I mean totally - on more or less every page there are lines
> that are unreadable because there are words printed on top
> of each other instead of next to each other!
> On the one hand I don't see how the problem could be with
> just my copy. On the other hand I don't see how they could
> _all_ be like mine - that would mean nobody even _glanced_
> at what was coming out of the press. So I'm curious whether
> anyone else has a copy.
> (I know it's all online. Some people like _books_...)
> DU.

David C. Ullrich

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