3D plotting in a GUI

Stef Mientki stef.mientki at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 19:28:29 CEST 2009

Baris Demir wrote:
> Stef Mientki wrote:
>> Baris Demir wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I need to develop a GUI for some scientific data processing 
>>> operations and this GUI should work well with a 3D plotting module, 
>>> also with NumPy and SciPy for sure. I made a search about packages 
>>> but, there are plenty of these modules available. What kind of a 
>>> package or a package of packages might be the best way  for this  
>>> work. BTW I do not want to use MayaVi. It is too much actually.
>> What do you mean by "too much actually" ?
>> What's the GUI you had in mind ?
>> What kind of scientific data processing do you've in mind ?
>> cheers,
>> Stef
> I am quite experienced about python programming but this is going to 
> be my first GUI design. I need to draw some 2D graphs (also capability 
> for 3D graphs might be very delicious) and do some mathematical 
> operations on them like adding, substracting, smoothing, integration, 
> detecting peak points and marking them, fourier transformations and 
> etc. on WindowsXP.  And then I want to convert this python code into a 
> .exe by using py2exe. I said Mayavi is too much for me because I 
> thought that it would be more likeyl to have problems while using a 
> big package like MayaVi with py2exe.
Two obvious choices are wxPython + MatPlotLib and/or VPython or PyQt, 
depends on what license you're after.
Maybe interesting to know that a number of guys are creating MatLab-like 
environements, search the scipy newsgroup.
You can also find some m-file to numpy converters (in case you might 
have m-files already).
And I can assure you, there are 2 packages which will give you trouble 
with py2exe: numpy and matplotlib.

btw if you choose wxPython, download the demo first, and you might even 
be interested in a simpler way to create GUIs,

good luck,

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