Module caching

Aaron Scott aaron.hildebrandt at
Wed Apr 8 19:40:28 CEST 2009

> Anyway, this person also posted on mod_python list. One of the things
> I highlighted there was that mod_python for some configurations is
> multithreaded and as such they may not be properly protecting
> variables if they are storing them at global scope. They haven't
> responded to any comments about it on mod_python list. They were also
> told to read:
> Graham

Thanks, Graham. Sorry I didn't respond -- it's crunch time here, so I
was pulled off the project for a couple days to help with something
else. I just didn't have time to catch up.

In the end, we decided to convert everything from mod_python to CGI,
which ended up getting us the functionality we were looking for. For
development, MaxRequestsPerChild was already set to 1, but this didn't
solve any of the variable caching issues.


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