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Thu Apr 9 00:12:50 CEST 2009

Quoting PK <superprad at>:

> So I'm trying to see whats the cleanest way to do this:
> I have a
> checklist = [ax, bx, by, cy  ..] (a combination of a,b,c with x and y,
> either both on one)
> allist = [a,b,c,....]
> xlist = [x, y, ..]
> now the problem is I want to include alpha in missing list only if
> none of the combinations from xlist with alpha are in checklist.

This is untested:

for alpha in alist:
    for xy in xlist:
        if alpha+xy in checklist:

(note that the "else" is for the "for", not the "if")

You could also try the any/all functions from python2.5:

for alpha in alist:
    if not any(alpha + xy in checklist for xy in xlist):

Or the really not recommended one-liner:

missing = [alpha for alpha in alist if not any(alpha + xy in checklist for xy in

(remember, all of this is untested)

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