email in separate thread

joeygartin joeygartin at
Fri Apr 10 16:36:24 CEST 2009


Disclosure:  I am a total newbie!

I am building an application Django and come to a dilemna when sending
off emails.  I have an application that sends off an email after a
customer has filled out a form, actually it sends off 7 emails.

The problem is the page hangs while the emails are sent.  My current
hosting situation does not give me direct access to an email queue.
So I have two options (that I can think of):

1) Write the email information to a file and then run a cron job in
the background that routinely checks the file and sends the necessary
emails off


2) Spin-off a thread (which I have no background with at all!) for the
emails and be able to redirect the user to the next page.

I have posted this problem on the Django users group, but did not
really get a usable response.  If any of you have dealt with this or
know of an actual solution, please help.

Thank you!

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