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On Fri, 10 Apr 2009 10:50:57 -0700, norseman wrote:

> Moderator:  I apologize for attaching anything.

This newsgroup has no moderator.

> However, in order to explain my problem, I need to control the font
> since text graphics only work for a given font.

Use the least common denominator available, so-called "ASCII graphics", 
and put a note that the diagrams are best viewed in a non-proportional 
font like Courier or equivalent. E.g.:

| Input |
    |                          +----------+
    |--------------------------|  Special |
    |                          +----------+
*********       +--------+
*  Box  *-------| Output |
*********       +--------+

Even if the lines don't quite line up, it's decipherable.

This is a newsgroup for a programming language. Nearly everyone will be 
using a monospaced font already, or at least nearly all the *serious* 
contributors, so that code blocks will line up correctly.

More importantly, you should describe the nature of your problem in the 
body of the post, as concisely as possible, and use attachments for as 
little content as possible. For many people, it is inconvenient and 
difficult to deal with attachments in their newsreader, and people won't 
bother unless they know the topic is of interest to them.

You should also read this:



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