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norseman wrote:
> Gabriel Genellina wrote:
>> En Fri, 10 Apr 2009 14:50:57 -0300, norseman <norseman at hughes.net> 
>> escribió:
>>> However, in order to explain my problem, I need to control the font
>>> since text graphics only work for a given font. It's as small as I can
>>> get it.
>> I didn't understand what your problem is actually.
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> UUHHmmmmmmmm    Did you read the pdf?
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Let me recant a bit on my reply to Gabriel:
	To Wit:  I re-read the contents of the pdf and I think I can see where 
I wasn't completely clear on the differences between grid and parcel.  I 
need to place differently sized "pieces of paper" on a mockup. The docs 
to Tkinter mention using inches or other units of measure but Tkinter 
does not actually allow that. At least I cannot get it to do so. Another 
tidbit I had found stated that the "grid" would be the bounding 
dimensions of the first "piece of paper" placed on the background and 
could not be confined to itself only.  Which seem to be true. 
Publishing companies have long used gridded backdrops to provide 
placement of non-same sized things to help minimize wasted space. (Good 
layout people eyeball it just fine.)  I need some way to get things of 
different sizes onto the backdrop - where I want them,  regardless. 
Something like, backdrop is 10 inches wide and 5 inches tall. First 
piece of paper is 2x2 inches and second is 6x3 (goes under first) and 
third is 4 x 2 and goes next to first and on top of second. And so on.
Tkinter (actually Tk) isn't liking me very much.

Is that better?
I'm a little too close to the problem.


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