How to create a virtual serial port?

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> I'm on a OS X, python 2.5. Basically I will have a remote application
> pushing data (GPS) over the network to a python application I have
> running on my Mac, I want this python application to again push the
> data on to a "virtual serial port". Then the GPS program I have
> running on my MAC, RouteBuddy, can read the data from that serial port
> as standard.

Python app reads data "off" the network (s.a. TCP/IP maybe), and then pushes
the data onto a serial-port ? And since you don't have the real device
(using the serial-port), you want to create a virtual serial-port ? Is that
the intent ? Or, is it something like this that you are trying to do -- ? Or something like this --

> The only part I am concerned about here though, is if I can create a
> serial port virtually and push data out of it?

I'd guess this capability to require creating a "kext" (kernel extension /
driver) on OS/X, and feel that this is not possible in user-land, and thus
not a Python domain problem.

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