Open source web crawler with mysql integration

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Sat Apr 11 07:45:59 CEST 2009

On 4/10/09, Philip Semanchuk <philip at> wrote:
> On Apr 10, 2009, at 10:37 PM, Lawrence D'Oliveiro wrote:
>> In message <mailman.3655.1239380993.11746.python-list at>,
>> Philip
>> Semanchuk wrote:
>>> I'd love to open source it and if someone wants to pay me to make
>>> it open
>>> source-able, let's talk!
>> Nobody's going to pay you for something of doubtful value--it's up
>> to you to
>> prove the value of the code first. You must go to the community, the
>> community will not come to you.
> Not true, people pay for things of doubtful value all the time! I just
> need a better sales team. =)
> Seriously, if I had expectations of talking someone into fronting
> money, do you think I'd use words like "insufficiently documented" and
> "byzantine"? I was just trying to emphasize what I thought was an
> obvious point: I can't afford the time to open source my code right
> now, but if someone were to make it worth my while, that'd be a
> different story. I may as well have said "if I win the lottery". It
> *could* happen, but I'm not holding my breath (or buying lottery
> tickets).
> Cheers
> Philip
> --

This is what is for! You can dump it
there, interested people can be pointed to it, but you expressly say
that "it's useless!" so your reputation will not be damaged. Actually,
since you say the code is working and there are not many good open
source web crawlers out there, I'm sure people will be quite happy
with it. Your worry that 90% of the people will only be frustrated by
it will not happen I think if you put it on uselesspython because the
expectations will not be high anyway.


Psss, psss, put it down! -

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