How to create a virtual serial port?

Stuart Davenport stuart.davenport at
Sat Apr 11 11:53:09 CEST 2009

On 11 Apr, 08:52, Scott David Daniels <Scott.Dani... at Acm.Org> wrote:
> Stuart Davenport wrote:
> > ... I'm on a OS X, python 2.5. Basically I will have a remote application
> > pushing data (GPS) over the network to a python application I have
> > running on my Mac, I want this python application to again push the
> > data on to a "virtual serial port". Then the GPS program I have
> > running on my MAC, RouteBuddy, can read the data from that serial port
> > as standard.
> > The only part I am concerned about here though, is if I can create a
> > serial port virtually and push data out of it?
> OK, this is a Max OS/X question.  Does "RouteBuddy" have any other way
> to get data except from the serial port?  Does the mac have a serial
> port?or are you talking "serial port over USB" (which would be an
> entirely different kettle of fish).  With that out of the wa, I'd try
> to ask some Mac guys if the ponying up is possible, and if so how to
> do it in _any_ language (likely they'll have an Objective C way).
> Then pop back over here (or even better a python-mac list, where
> they'll be familiar with how to do lots of stuff) and you can get
> help getting python to either do the same thing or talk to a bit
> of code that does the byte-transfers.
> --Scott David Daniels
> Scott.Dani... at Acm.Org

Sadly RouteBuddy cannot retrieve data by other means...

Scott, many thanks for the advice. Will try to find a more specific
forum of conversation.


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