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Diez B. Roggisch deets at
Sun Apr 12 09:51:53 CEST 2009

ookrin schrieb:
> I'm in the process of learning python and PyQt4. I had decided to make
> myself a simple app and soon discovered that I needed to crash into
> xml to use some of the data I was going to be getting off of the
> server.
> I picked up enough xml to use the sax parser to get the data out of
> the xml. I can get as far as printing it to the screen, but there is
> where I get stuck.... I can't seem to send the data to anywhere else,
> into another variable, to another function. The parser stops after the
> first line it finds.
> class offlineLoad():
>     def loadXmlFile(self):
>         print "Loading from File"
>         xf = open('CharacterID.xml','r')
>         xml = xmlHandler()
>         saxparser = make_parser()
>         print "parser created"
>         saxparser.setContentHandler(xml)
>         print "parser runn"
>         try:
>             saxparser.parse(xf)
>         except:
>             print "Error Reading xml"

This is a very bad thing to do - there are only very few justified cases 
of catch-all for exceptions. This certainly isn't one, as it suppresses 
the real cause for what is happening.

Which makes it harder for you & for us to diagnose the problem, because 
you don't show (and currently can't) the stacktrace to us.

> class xmlHandler(ContentHandler):
>     def startElement(self, name, attrs):
>         self.charList = []

If this shall gather some state over the coures of time, this is the 
wrong place to initialize it, as it will get overwritten with each element.

>         charName = []
>         charID = []

There is no need to "prefill" variables. And it's confusing you do it 
with a different type than what you assign to them below.

>         if name == "row":
>             charName = attrs.get("name", "")
>             charID = attrs.get("characterID", "")
>             print charName, '\t', charID
>             self.buildlist(self,charName,charID)
>             #self.test()
>     def test(self):
>         print "TeST"
>     def buildlist(self,charName,charID):
>         print charName, '\t',charID
> so here... test will print, but buildlist makes the parser stop and
> print "Error reading XML" after the first row it finds.  Appending
> charName and charID to another variable makes it stop as well. I'm
> confused at this point

Please show us the stacktrace you suppress. Then help might be possible.


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