Definition of Pythonic?

Francesco Bochicchio bockman at
Mon Apr 13 11:49:51 CEST 2009

John Yeung ha scritto:
> On Apr 11, 10:08 am, Emmanuel Surleau <emmanuel.surl... at>
> wrote:
>> Having written a few trivial scripts in Python, I'm curious as
>> to how you would sum up the Pythonic philosophy of development.
> A couple of others have already mentioned the Zen of Python, available
> at the Python command prompt.  I would agree with that, but also add
> the caveat that none of the principles expressed there are hard-and-
> fast rules.  Hopefully that is clear from the quasi-contradictory
> nature of the principles, but inevitably there will be some people who
> complain that Python breaks this or that "rule" from the Zen.

I believe the almost-contraddictory nature of the various listed 
principles is on-purpose. My anecdotal knowledge of the Zen tells me
that is based on the balance of two 'opposing forces', the Yin and the 
Yang. So the 'zen of python' attempts to enunciate the various yins and
yangs of software development, leaving to the developers the task of 
finding the right equilibrium among them.

Which is pretty sensible, since good engineering is often based more on 
choosing the right trade-off rather than choosing the One Right Thing to do.


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