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> Hello All,
>             Is there any library defined in Python which can convert a
> given text file into a html page. Basically, I require functions for
> creating tables or filling background colours for the html pages etc
> instead of writing each and every tag in my script..
> Thank you,
> Venu Madhav.

At the risk of being annoying, I just announced
a suite of tools that includes a methodology for
building complex pages by combining simple page fragments.

Please have a look at the tutorial

This is the configuration source for the tutorial page

{{use-url "comments"}}
   {{section title}} Tutorial {{/section}}
   {{section summary}}
      Walking through some examples will help you learn
      the organization and capabilities of the whiff
   {{section body}}
      These tutorials hope to introduce WHIFF by discussing a number
      of use cases, beginning with simple ones and progressing to
      with greater complexity.

The page generated from this source is much
more complex than that (take a look).  The
"comments" URL points to another WHIFF template
which defines the scaffolding for all WHIFF
documentation pages.  The "comments" page in turn
uses other fragments and scaffoldings...

There are many other
HTML generation approaches as indicated by the
Wiki link previously.  As far as I
know the WHIFF approach is the most "compositional".
Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Thanks, -- Aaron Watters

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