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> >I'm trying to design an iterator that produces two lists. The first
> >list will be a list of unique pairings and the second will be a list
> >of items that weren't used in the first list. After each round, the
> >items that weren't used in the round before will get put back in and
> >the second list will be populated with unique items.
> How do you specify what goes into the first list?  Based on your
> description, I would have expected that the output from the first
> iteration would be
> ( [(1,2),(3,4),(5,6)], [7,8] )
> Regardless of the actual algorithm, if you are returning items one at a
> time and maintaining state in a computation, you probably want to use a
> generator.
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> Why is this newsgroup different from all other newsgroups?

I'm example was probably a bad one. A better example of
output I would like would be something like [[1,2],[3,4],[5,6]] and
then for the leftovers list [7,8,9,10 etc]. What I'm trying to do is
produce some sort of round robin algorithm for tennis that is
constrained by the number of courts available each week. So if there
are only 3 courts available for a singles league and 10 people have
signed up, 4 players will have a bye each week. I want my algorithm to
produce unique matchups each week and also give each player the same

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