Using Python after a few years of Ruby

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Tue Apr 14 09:01:21 CEST 2009

Although I'm not 100% new to Python, most of my experience using high-
level languages is with Ruby. I had a job doing Rails web development
a little ways back and I really enjoyed it. At my current workplace
though, we're looking at using Python and I'm trying to get back into
the Python "groove" as it were.

I've got plenty of materials to get me up to speed on the mechanics of
the language, but I was wondering about the equivalent of some tools I
was used to using in Ruby. If there's not anything that's a one-to-one
equivalent I totally understand, I'm just looking for some pointers
here to get me started. :)

1) Rake - is there an equivalent of Rake? I've seen a bit about SCons,
and it looks really nice, but it seems geared towards being a Make
replacement for C/C++ rather than something that's used to work with
Python itself. Is there anything like a Python build tool? (Or do I
even need something like that? I haven't worked with any large Python
systems, just little things here and there.)

2) Gems - I've seen a bit about Eggs, but they don't seem to have
anywhere near the official status gems do for Ruby. Are there any
"package management" things like this for Python, or do you usually
just grab the code you need as-is?

3) Web frameworks - yeah, I realize there are tons of these, but are
TurboGears, Django, and Zope still the big ones? I've seen a lot about
Pylons, is that a separate framework or is it a ... well, frame that
other things are built on? (TG seems to be related to Pylons at a

4) Unit Test frameworks - If there's a behavioral test suite like
RSpec that's be awesome, but I'd be happy to settle for a good, solid
unit testing system.

Thanks for any advice!

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