Beginner: Portable Python, BeautifulSoup & ScrapeNFeed

Joe Larson joe at
Wed Apr 15 00:17:32 CEST 2009

Hello list!

I am a Python Beginner. I thought a good beginning project would be to 
use the Portable Python environment with 
Beautiful Soup and Scrape 
'N' Feed to create and RSS 
feed of this page - ideally 
filtering just for positions with the string 'Research Analyst'.

In my day job I work on the Windows OS (hence the Portable Python) - at 
home I use Ubuntu but also carry Portable Ubuntu as well.

I just wanted to shoot this to the list - see if anyone had any 
suggestions or tips. I'm reading O'Reilly's Learning Python and The 
Python Tutorial, but it's still very challenging as this is my first 
programming language. Thanks all! Sincerely ~ joelar

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