segmentation fault while using ctypes

MRAB google at
Wed Apr 15 02:15:24 CEST 2009

Aaron Brady wrote:
> On Apr 14, 6:04 pm, sanket < at> wrote:
>> On Apr 14, 4:00 pm, MRAB <goo... at> wrote:
>>> sanket wrote:
>>>> Hello All,
>>>> I am dealing with this weird bug.
>>>> I have a function in C and I have written python bindings for it using
>>>> ctypes.
>>>> I can call this function for couple of times and then suddenly it
>>>> gives me seg fault.
>>>> But I can call same function from a C code for any number of times.
>>>> I cannot get what's going on.
>>>> here is my code.
>>>> /**********************************************/
>>>> /* C Function I am calling */
>>>> int get_hash(char *filename,int rate,int ch,unsigned char* hash,
>>>> unsigned int* hash_size,short* avg_f,short* avg_d){
> snip
>>>> Python code
>>>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>>>> from ctypes import *
>>>> lib = cdll.LoadLibrary("/usr/lib/")
>>>> def my_func(filename,rate,ch):
>>>>     hash = (c_ubyte * 424)()
>>>>     hash_size = c_uint()
>>>>     avg_f = c_short(0)
>>>>     avg_d = c_short(0)
>>>>     n = lib.get_hash(filename,rate,ch,hash,byref(hash_size),byref
>>>> (avg_f),byref(avg_d))
>>>>     hash = None
> snip
>> Thank you for your reply.
>> I will make check for fp and data pointers.
>> But my point is this function runs fine while calling it from a C
>> code.
>> it only breaks while calling from python. So I wonder if there can be
>> anything wrong with ctypes module.
>> Thanks,
>> sanket
> If you have console output available, you should printf the parameters
> as soon as you get into the function.  You can also return immediately
> for debugging purposes, to see if it's the call or the function body.
> You can also assign the 'argtypes' and 'returntype' members of a
> ctypes function call, which you didn't do, and may or may not help.
Instead of printf you could open a log file and use fprintf. I'd also
probably recommend setbuf(log_file, NULL) to disable buffering just
after opening the log file so that the logging is written immediately to
disk because otherwise you won't might not get all the logging if it

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