Using Python after a few years of Ruby

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On Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 9:01 AM,  <blahemailblah at> wrote:
> 2) Gems - I've seen a bit about Eggs, but they don't seem to have
> anywhere near the official status gems do for Ruby. Are there any
> "package management" things like this for Python, or do you usually
> just grab the code you need as-is?

On a side note: Do your friendly SysAdmin Neigboorhood a favor and either:

a) Exactly specify which eggs (or gems for ruby) you need (and their version)
b) Talk to them about wether you could get your eggs packaged

In all cases talk to them ahead of time.

(does that sound strange or what?)

We have a policy where unpackaged and untesteted software isn't
allowed. Unpackaged being no .debs available as we go with debian.
There were quite often annoyances when we refused to "just install"
stuff from gems or eggs, after quite some fighting (with the project
leaders, and C*O mainly, not so much the devs) we managed to get more
involved in the process of development and could place some requests.
It paid of in being able to keep our service levels more easily, and
only being a very minor glitch if the devs get some input beforehand
and don't have to plug monitoring features in a product never designed
to have that feature...



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