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> > Hello All,
> >             Is there any library defined in Python which can convert a
> > given text file into a html page. Basically, I require functions for
> > creating tables or filling background colours for the html pages etc
> > instead of writing each and every tag in my script..
> > Thank you,
> > Venu Madhav.
> At the risk of being annoying, I just announced
> a suite of tools that includes a methodology for
> building complex pages by combining simple page fragments.
> Please have a look at the tutorial
> This is the configuration source for the tutorial page
> {{use-url "comments"}}
>    {{section title}} Tutorial {{/section}}
>    {{section summary}}
>       Walking through some examples will help you learn
>       the organization and capabilities of the whiff
>       package.
>    {{/section}}
>    {{section body}}
>       These tutorials hope to introduce WHIFF by discussing a number
>       of use cases, beginning with simple ones and progressing to
> examples
>       with greater complexity.
>       <p>
>    {{/section}}
> {{/use-url}}
> The page generated from this source is much
> more complex than that (take a look).  The
> "comments" URL points to another WHIFF template
> which defines the scaffolding for all WHIFF
> documentation pages.  The "comments" page in turn
> uses other fragments and scaffoldings...
> There are many other
> HTML generation approaches as indicated by the
> Wiki link previously.  As far as I
> know the WHIFF approach is the most "compositional".
> Please correct me if I'm wrong.
> Thanks, -- Aaron Watters
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cheetah module will be very use full for yours requirement.

Easily HTML pages can be develoed.
We will create a temples for each HTML pages and HTML pages will  be

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