need to start a new project , can python do all that ?

Brendon Wickham brendon.wickham at
Wed Apr 15 14:37:59 CEST 2009

Python is a programming language, and like practically any programming
language it can do all those things. I'm not sure your requirements
are based on a full understanding of the implications. A "health care
center' cannot be made with a few "drag and drop", "plug and play"
modules that you manipulate within a GUI.

For example, importing pathology results: there is no international
standard for how such results should be formed. You will need to ask
the suppliers of the results to work out how they're going to give it
to you. And they will all be different. You will most likely need a
firm understanding of HL7 v2 and 3, XML, XSL (and probably web
services) etc.

In terms of cross platform, in the health context it's pointless being
anything other than a web application (IMHO).



2009/4/15 Deep_Feelings <doctoresam at>:
> I want to start programming a new program (electronic health care
> center) in python and before start learning python i wanna make sure
> that python does have all the features i need to accomplish this
> project so i wanna ask you does python able to support these
> features :
> 1- cross platform (windows + linux)
> 2- mysql database access
> 3- 2D graphs (curves)
> 4- support of international languages
> 5- can access a scanner and input pictures from it.
> and possibly be able to import data from labratory machines (such as
> CBC machines) to automatically register patient investigations result
> into the system (not mandatory)
> so can python (with any freely available libraries) do all that and
> still be cross platform ?
> thankx in advance :)
> --

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