Serialization format of gdb trace data between many different machines.

MRAB google at
Wed Apr 15 20:21:24 CEST 2009

joshbaptiste wrote:
> I have a program on ~400+ Linux machines that collect
> core file gdb output and sends the output traces via email to
> developers. I what to convert the script for all output to be sent to
> a centralized server also written in python and displayed via
> webpage.  My first thought was a simple HTTP POST to server from all
> nodes but since the gdb output can be very large, multiplied my the #
> of servers, worries me as network traffic of 400+ nodes sending to 1
> server may cause saturation.
> What would be the most efficient/small serialization format to use to
> send this trace data from nodes to server over network.. would
> Pickling be ok?
I'd probably compress the data first using the zipfile module.

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