ANN: PyGUI 2.0.1

Suraj Barkale suraj at
Wed Apr 15 21:05:52 CEST 2009

Greg Ewing <greg.ewing <at>> writes:
> PyGUI 2.0.1 is available:
Thank you very much for this GUI toolkit. I always wanted something like this on
windows. I installed this and tried out the tests on Python 2.6.1 and Windows XP
SP3. Following are my observations. I will try to send some patches once I have
looked at the code in detail.

After installing on windows I had to manually delete
"C:\python26\lib\site-packages\GUI\Win32\" in order to get it work.

    1. Resizing window produces white horizontal bars. Use double buffering to
prevent this?

    1. Checkbok background is a black rectangle.

    1. Radiobutton has a white background.

    1. All textfields have black area at right & bottom.
    2. For multiline textfield, the black are is not painted over during repaint.
    3. Textfields no not have XP style borders.

    1. Alt+F4 does not work. However Ctrl+Q works fine.
    2. Initially keyboard navigation is not possible. Once a button is clicked,
it is focused and keyboard navigation is possible.
    2. If Cancel button has focus, pressing Enter should print Cancel. Currently
it prints OK.
    3. Pressing spacebar should activate focused button.

    1. Printing traceback to console is not sufficient on windows.

    1. Defenitions of 'live' and 'non-live' are swapped in the printed message.

    1. mouse-enter and mouse-leave events are not reported.

    1. Mouse pointer hotspot is in the middle of the image.

    1. Key combinations with Ctrl & Alt are not detected properly.
    2. Scroll-lock is reported as f14
    3. Pause/Break is reported as f15
    4. Caps-lock & Num-lock are detected as keycodes but 'key' is not reported.


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