IronPython newbie: not clear on imports and assemblies

Thomas Gagne tgagne at
Wed Apr 15 22:31:09 CEST 2009

OK--I also haven't programmed on .NET before.

My goal is to play with the "EssentialPDF" libraries inside IronPython. 
  But I'm not clear on how to import (load?) Essential's .dll files.  Of 
course, all the samples files are in C# and VB.  I guess I"m wondering 
if Essential's libraries (assemblies?) should already be in my path or 
if I need to provide a path to them, and whether or not I'm going to use 
"import" or Assembly.Load(), and if the latter, where am I to find 
Assembly?  I'm pretty sure that has to be imported as well 'cause 
whenever I try to use it I'm told it doesn't exist...

Anyway, I'll keep Googling around and reading tutorials to catch-up.  I 
haven't used Python since 1999 so I need some refreshing...
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