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fridash13 fridash13 at
Wed Apr 15 22:35:31 CEST 2009

i am quite new to python ...

i made a small script ,, for active directory using python

all the script does is basicly explor the AD for a number of tasks ..

* 1 .Find a user (quick method)
* 2 .Find a computer (quick method)
* 3 .List all users
* 4 .List users in an OU
* 5 .List all groups
* 6 .Show the members of a group
* 7 .Show the types of a group
* 8 .List the groups a user is in

i have used the AD moudle for this script ..

my question is this i have the follwing code :

# find user (
elif choice == "1":
import active_directory
user = active_directory.find_user ("ron")
print user

how can i make the entry for the "user" (in this case ("ron")
shift according to raw input from the user

so if the user typs jhonny it will replace ("ron")

i need the ability to replace the name
how can i accomplise this ? 

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