platform.machine(): ImportError: No module named select

Ali H. Caliskan ali.h.caliskan at
Wed Apr 15 22:42:12 CEST 2009

I'm using Arch Linux and the current python version is 2.6.1, so I did
create a custom python3 package by myself and tried to install it on /opt
directory. I believe it's a installation issue, because I skipped "make
test" part during compilation, which failed with some errors.


> It should work.  The select module should be there; if not, the Python
> build/installation is probably faulty.  From the path names, I'll guess
> this is on Solaris.  If so, there seems to be a long history of problems
> building select and friends.  See, for example:
> <>
> Someone with current Solaris experience may be able to help.
>  <>
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