Suggestions wanted on Tkinter problem

norseman norseman at
Fri Apr 17 01:18:03 CEST 2009

One suggested I change the subject line - OK
I also replaced the [TAB]s since I noticed the Emailer seems
to get very confused with them.

         Using Python 2.5.2 and Tkinter ??? (came with system)
         List made and for loop in use
         lst=[ ("S", "Single"), .....]

         for mode, text ....
                 c = Radiobuton(.....

At this point the program runs, but I cannot control gray-out of a
specific Radiobutton.

         If I:

         for mode, text ....
                 c[counter] = Radiobuton(specified_frame,..
                 counter += 1
         blockUseOf= $varSetElsewhere
         c[blockUseOf].config(state = strSetElsewhere)

Program crashes on Radiobutton line.

There are a number of Frames containing Radiobuttons in the program.
The individual lists are long enough no one in their right mind wants to
hand code such repetition and then try to maintain it. Not even with a
code generator. (Number and organization will change over time.)
How do I set things to be able to control any given Radiobutton from
elsewhere in the program and still use the for-loop loader?


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