December 21, 2012: Judgment Day

Ken Seehart ken at
Fri Apr 17 03:40:29 CEST 2009

MRAB wrote:
> Mensanator wrote:
>> On Apr 16, 2:46 am, Thara <tharasurya.... at> wrote:
>>> Science can neither confirm nor discredit the validity of many
>>> religiously or prophetically deemed judgment days of the future, the
>>> soonest of which will be arriving December 21, 2012, the final day of
>>> the Mayan Calendar.
>> No big deal, the last Harry Potter flick is scheduled for 2011.
> Science can discredit just by waiting. It's worked so far! :-)
> -- 
I'm sorry, but I have to disagree. We cannot discredit the assertion 
that the Harry Potter flick in 2011 will be the last one simply by 
waiting, since they can always make more Harry Potter flicks.  Unless, 
of course, judgment day intervenes.
- Ken

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