Non-secure execution environment

rogeeff at rogeeff at
Fri Apr 17 08:47:49 CEST 2009


I am C++ guy for the most part and don't know much of Python, so,
please, bear with me if I am asking errrm..idiotic question.

Old rexec module provided kinda 'secure' execution environment. I am
not looking for security at this point. What I need an execution
environment which almost like rexec, but is non-secure.
  What I want is:
  separate global dictionary,
  separate list of imported modules,
  separate sys.path
  (optionaly) separate __builtins__

I might be able to get away without my own builtins, but the rest I

If  it's any help, I plan to use it to execute embedded Python scripts
from C++.



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