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Fri Apr 17 15:31:19 CEST 2009

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Robin Becker  <robin at> wrote:
>My analysis of the problem is that in
>#### start
>def func(D):
>     for k in D:
>         exec '%s=D[%r]' % (k,k)
>     print i, j, k
>     print locals()
>     print i, j, k
>if __name__=='__main__':
>     func(dict(i=1,j=33))
>#### end
>the compiler package ends up treating i & j as global, whereas the
>modern analysis doesn't (and doesn't say they're definitely local
>either). Looking at the code in Python/compile.c the compile_nameop
>code seems to check for scopes FREE, CELL, LOCAL, GLOBAL_IMPLICIT &
>GLOBAL_EXPLICIT whereas pycodegen.CodeGenerator._nameOp seems not to
>know about GLOBAL_IMPLICIT/EXPLICIT but has only a single GLOBAL scope.

At this point, given the lack of response from people who actually know
the compiler internals, I think it's fair of you to try going to
python-dev -- normally questions like this are off-topic, and if someone
complains, I'll take the blame.  ;-)
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