binary file compare...

Adam Olsen rhamph at
Fri Apr 17 20:32:34 CEST 2009

On Apr 17, 9:59 am, SpreadTooThin <bjobrie... at> wrote:
> You know this is just insane.  I'd be satisfied with a CRC16 or
> something in the situation i'm in.
> I have two large files, one local and one remote.  Transferring every
> byte across the internet to be sure that the two files are identical
> is just not feasible.  If two servers one on one side and the other on
> the other side both calculate the CRCs and transmit the CRCs for
> comparison I'm happy.

Definitely use a hash, ignore Nigel.  SHA-256 or SHA-512.  Or, if you
might need to update one of the files, look at rsync.  Rsync still
uses MD4 and MD5 (optionally!), but they're fine in a trusted

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