Is there a programming language that is combination of Python and Basic?

baykus baykusderki at
Sat Apr 18 00:29:56 CEST 2009

On Apr 17, 5:02 pm, Michael Torrie <torr... at> wrote:
> Mensanator wrote:
> It's clear that you haven't done anything in BASIC since the 80s.  And
> probably the original poster hasn't either.  So let's just clear the air
> here.

Michael you are kind of rigtht, I did use basic in early 90s :) Thanks
for the more insightful comments, I understand the drawbacks and
backwardness of Basic, I am not here to defend it. I guess I have a
different perception when it comes to Basic. I think many people think
those "lines" as numbered steps or numbered bricks that are sitting on
eachother but I see them as timelines or like filmstrips. Anyways it
sounds like such a toy programming language does not exists except
Arnaud surprisingly efficient code.  and I will search my dream
somewhere else :)

thanks for all the negative and positive comments :)

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