pyqt4 qTableWidget add items help

ookrin ooklah at
Sat Apr 18 11:58:42 CEST 2009

I've been searching around the internet for an example of how to add a
list of items to the qTableWidget for the last few hours with little

I have a list orders [[34,940,30,50,67], [50,56,35,30,57]] as my
example here

I built the qTableWidget in designer, so it already has the header
columns filled out.

Date | time | Number | Price | Buyer


gives me the correct number of rows I want, but how do I fill the

I've been trying

        while(len(orders)> i):

which to me, says go add in the first column row with the first order,
and it makes sense to me

 It just says "Error: argument 3 of QTableWidget.setCurrenCell() has
invalid type, I know it's the orders, but I can't figure out what the
proper way of giving it what it wants is.

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