Is there a programming language that is combination of Python and Basic?

Tim Rowe digitig at
Sat Apr 18 18:38:39 CEST 2009

2009/4/18 norseman <norseman at>:

> "...only within the current procedure."   That was one of the "why Pascal
> didn't hang on" as long as it might have.

Really? I thought it was because of the lack of support for packaging,
which was solved in different ways by Object Pascal/Delphi and by
Modula 2, the latter of which in turn became Ada, which is still doing
pretty well in mission-critical contexts.

>  Another was it's COBAL structure
> in defining things. Just like today - the more typing the more errors, the
> longer to 'in service'.

Got any evidence for that? There's a lot of typing in Ada (it shows
its Pascal roots) but in all the studies I've seen Ada production code
has consistently shown fewer errors than the more concise C/C++ family
of languages.

Tim Rowe

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