Is there a programming language that is combination of Python and Basic?

Tim Hoffman zutesmog at
Sun Apr 19 15:14:21 CEST 2009

I started my commercial programming in Business Basic, (actually MAI
Basic 4, and it's equivalent on primos (can't think of it's name at
the moment) then later BBX (Basis)

We ran the same code (all development on MAI, and then translated the
few differences programatically between MAI and Prime) and moved the
code via 1/4" tape to prime.

This was general ledger, policy and claims systems for an Insurance
Broker, we had about 300 + users on the two machines running over a
wide area serial network)

Then we moved to BBX on Unix.

Whilst we had goto, no such thing as string arrays (until BBX) etc....
we really formally codified all of our devlopment standards, such that
even line number ranges where for specific tasks  (we had a limit of
64K per program, 1 - 9999 for line numbers) and all initialisation had
to be in lines 1000 - 1099.   We where only allowed to use goto within
a routine and only as a last resort,. We could only have one return
from a gosub, etc..... on mai we could only have two letter or letter
and digit variable names and they where global for the probram
so if you wanted loop local, or subroutine variables you could safely
use then x[1-9]  and y[1-9]
where safe, all initialisation setup use i[1-9] etc ....

There where 3 programmers and we had to peer review everything.

We built rock solid systems, if I say so myself ;-)

You can write well structured and easily understood code in any
language, it just takes more discipline in some environments more than

Having said that I would hate to go back to it from Python ;-)

See ya


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> >I am looking for one of those experimental languages that might be
> >combination of python+basic. Now thta sounds weird and awkward I know.
> >The reason I am asking is that I always liked how I could reference-
> >call certain line number back in the days. It would be interesting to
> >get similar functionality in Python.
> Why do you want to do that?  Before you answer, make sure to read this:
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