Condition.wait(0.5) doesn't respect it's timeout

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Sun Apr 19 17:50:16 CEST 2009

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>On Apr 18, 8:29=A0pm, Piet van Oostrum <p... at> wrote:
>> By the way, I wonder why you need a timeout in your wait. I think the
>> notifications should be sufficient to keep the gui updated.
>The reason is simple: when first downloading the contactss list,  I
>receive a swarm of *Updated() calls, so if I redraw every time I get a
>very bad visual effect and I waste a lot of CPU redrawing something
>that will change in a very very short time. Hence the time
>constraint... I couldn't come up with something smarter, so...

The redraw thread should keep track of the last time it did a redraw;
each time it receives an update event, it should check to see whether it
has been more than a specified period of time since the last redraw.
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