rectangles, or cavases, or ... ?

FogleBird fogleman at
Mon Apr 20 23:52:43 CEST 2009

On Apr 20, 5:29 pm, Alan G Isaac < at> wrote:
> I need to display many (e.e., 2000) small squares whose colors are udpated
> each time a computation is complete.
> One approach is to put rectangles on a single canvas.
> Another approach is to put many canvases in a single frame.
> Another approach is to create an image each iteration,
> which is placed on a canvas.
> Other?
> Are there obvious considerations in the choice?
> (Right now I do not need to interact with the squares,
> but in the future I may need to.)
> Thanks,
> Alan Isaac

First of all, what GUI toolkit are you using?

Secondly, in wxPython I would subclass wx.Panel and handle the
EVT_PAINT event to just draw the rectangles.  Generally I render to an
off-screen DC and just blit that in the paint event.

What kind of frame rate do you need?

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