A Special Thanks

norseman norseman at hughes.net
Tue Apr 21 02:43:02 CEST 2009

I'm one of those that tries to get an outline of the project and then 
puts in code as things become clear. Once the basics are working 
reasonably I go back and organize the thing for maintainability. Then 
finish flushing it out. It is the one stage I dread the most.

Why not organize it up front?  Because I don't always have the whole pie 
at the outset.

In changing to Python I had a bigger learning curve than I realized at 
the start.  When I finally got my "pieces" accomplishing what I wanted 
it became time to start looking at its structure.

I did the cut and paste into a followable form and ran the basic to 
check for the usual errors, omissions and outright flaws. This was a 
major reorganization.


To all those that did the original and the fixes and the tweaks to get 
Python to this level (2.5.2) I must say WELL DONE!
I offer a sincere THANK YOU!!!

OH - I will still mumble, grumble and have fits when it doesn't do what 
I want the way I want - BUT it will be with a backdrop of great respect.

As for the very active Python community support - I thank you too.

norseman at hughes.net

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