What is a real name, round 668

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aahz at pythoncraft.com (Aahz) writes:

> In article <87hc0iltal.fsf at benfinney.id.au>,
> Ben Finney  <ben+python at benfinney.id.au> wrote:
> >A rough working definition [of “real name”]: The name you would use
> >to introduce yourself if you met me for the first time in a similar
> >context but face to face.
> That's fine by me, but unless you know for sure that any particular
> person does not introduce zirself that way, I think that your
> parenthetical that I took exception to is phrased too strongly.

Understood. In this case, I *am* sure (enough to make the assumption
publicly) that the poster is not using their real name in their ‘From’
field, and was — politely, I hope — requesting that to be rectified.

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