Failure of running a second script in same interactive session

pdlemper at pdlemper at
Tue Apr 21 06:52:39 CEST 2009

When I open python.exe to the console or "interactive window" and
import/run a script I am frustrated trying to import and run another
script in the same session.  eg I run the script alphasort once fine :
>>> import alphasort                 < it runs >
When its finished I then try to run the same or another script without
exiting the session.
>>> import script2
Now one of 4 things happen
    1, it runs ( rarely )
    2. the console repeats the prompt and echos the name of the script
        without running it
        >>> import script2     < nothing further happens >
    3. the console repeats just the prompt
    4. After the above rarely the system locks up requiring the
3-finger-salute. Perhaps this occurs when I repeatedly try to
       run another script.

I am running Python 3.0 under Windows XP with Windows updates.
To run another script I have to exit python.exe with ctrl-Z [return]
and call it up again, either directly from Windows or from a 
Is this usual behavior ?  This is my first experience with a scripting
language and it is frustrating to have to exit and return to the
console every time.      Thanks for any comments,     Dave Lemper

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